NEW: E-learning Sport & Nutrition

NEW: E-learning Sport & Nutrition 3
Are you working with athletes and sports people? Do you want to provide them with the best nutritional advice on the role of nutrition in sports performance? Then we provide you as a nutrition and health professional our NEW E-learning on Sport & Nutrition.

Many people participate in sports because they find it enjoyable, for health reasons, or to achieve a particular performance goal. Therefore the intensity and purpose will vary considerably. In addition to a well-planned training regime, good nutrition is important in order to perform well. After all, food provides energy and useful nutrients, namely macronutrients, fibre, fluids, and micronutrients. In addition, the timing of meals throughout the day is important, as well as food and fluid intake before, during, and after sports activity. For athletes performing under more intensive conditions, basic nutrition guidelines may be inadequate. Sports specific nutrition advice tailored to the athlete’s individual requirements is recommended and (sports) nutritional supplements may also be a useful addition. Knowledge about the role of nutrition in sport is therefore necessary to be able to advise athletes.

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√  Developed by and for registered (sports) dietitians and nutritionists, and fitness professionals
√  Accredited for registered (sport) dietitians and nutritionists (BDA and SENr) and fitness professional (CIMSPA)
√  Relevant topics about nutrition before, during and after exercise
√  Convenient and flexible learning

Learning objectives

The participant:

  • will increase their knowledge of the specific nutritional needs of those who engage in recreational sports and those of professional athletes,
  • will gain a better insight into the protein quality of foods, their distribution throughout the day and how to advise athletes in that regard,
  • will learn about the importance of hydration and rehydration for athletes and what advice to offer,
  • will increase their knowledge of the role in terms of intake that basic nutrition, sports-specific nutrition, and sports supplements play as part of a diet for athletes,
  • will have a greater awareness of the recommendations for athletes on nutrition before, during and after sports activity,
  • and gain a greater insight into how to translate the scientific recommendations into practical advice according to the type of sport (strength, endurance and team sports).


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